Have you really THOUGHT about why you advertise where you advertise? This campaign season – consider the wear factor.

Wear (wâr) Verb

To damage, diminish, erode

To fatigue, weary, or exhaust

To break down

Will your campaign wear on the voter?  Will they get exhausted from hearing your version of, “and I approve of this message” on the radio? How weary will they be of seeing your smiling family portrait on TV?  Will yard signs with your name in (pick red/white/blue) eventually fatigue in their line of site?

By the time people go TO vote, have you exhausted, fatigued or eroded your relationship with them? Will they wish Election Day over, and not show up for you? If you have put a majority of your campaign budget into intrusive mediums, you have set yourself up to wear down your constituents.

Radio, television, phone banks and direct mail are an intrusion into the voter’s life, usually interrupting their leisure and enjoyment.  How many times does an undecided voter allow you to postpone their entertainment and still feel good about voting for you?

Newspaper campaign advertising is not considered an intrusion. In fact, ads are an integral and desired part of the content of newspapers. According to a MORI study,

  • 52% say newspaper is where they go to look for ads; Internet is second with 10%
  • 46% of the respondents preferred receiving advertising information from a newspaper; TV is second with only 10%.

Most importantly for you, according to a Millward Brown study, most respondents (42%) rated newspaper advertising as most credible (compared to TV, radio, magazines and the Internet).

The Pulse Research studies of Missouri voters in the three past general elections showed Missourians found newspapers to be the most believable and most helpful form of political advertising.  A majority said TV was the most offensive form of political advertising.

Is your goal to annoy the people you want to vote for you? Are you damaging your own campaign? Exhausting the voters of your district?

How much have you budgeted for intrusive mediums? How much for newspaper?

Best regards,
Greg Baker
Director of Advertising Services



Sell your Power to Local Candidates!

Local newspapers beat all other media combined ‹ by 20 percentage points! ‹ as the source for information about local political candidates and campaigns. That’s a landslide!
Pulse Research of Portland, Oregon, conducted a survey April through June of print readers and website users. 1,387 surveys were tabulated; all states were represented. Among the findings were these two points that you need to present to local candidates before the candidates have committed all of their campaign money to mailers, yard signs and radio spots.
Q. What medium is your primary source of LOCAL political candidate & campaign information during an election year? 53% ‹ Local community newspapers 22.4% ‹ TV 8.3% ‹ Internet 3.2% ‹ Radio .7% ‹ Direct mail .9% ‹ Flyers/pamphlets (Do the math. Newspapers 53, All Other Media Combined 35-1/2. Newspapers win in a rout!)
Q. How long BEFORE election day do you BEGIN to seek out information on LOCAL political candidates? 41.7% ‹ More than one month before election day (from August election to November election is three months) 10.4% ‹ One month before election day 9.4% ‹ Two-to-three weeks before election day Immediately after the August primaries, offer creative, compelling ad campaigns to area candidates for the November elections. Radio and TV stations are doing it; so is every other marketer in your region. If you wait for local candidates to come to you, you’re doing it wrong, and you’ll be too late. Don’t fret because candidates are not coming to you with their checkbooks. Go to them with something great to offer! (With your computers and software, website, copy machine or press — and your expertise and creativity — you can offer video ads, audio ads, yard signs, fliers and mail pieces. If you don’t know how to do this stuff, get some training offered by Mo. Press or another newspaper organization and learn how to do it.) You know there is big money in elections. Go after it!

2010 Missouri Newspaper Directory

Directory Front Cover
The 2010 Missouri Press Association Newspaper Directory has arrived from the printers. Directories are available through MPA at a cost of $45, which includes postage. To order yours today, call (573) 449-4167 and ask for Greg or Rachel. Or email us at gbaker@socket.net

Missouri Press Service at HR Convention

Greg Baker, Missouri Press Service ad director, manned a booth at the state Human Resources Convention August 5-7, Tan-tar-a Resort at Lake of the Ozarks. The goal for exhibiting was to reach key
decision makers in recruitment advertising. These ad buyers need to be reminded newspapers are viable and have products of benefit to the HR industry.

The theme of the convention was “Catch the Rhythm of HR” so Missouri Press
graphic artist Rachael Heffner created theme appropriate sales brochures and
posters. Several convention attendees commented on the data displayed
regarding newspaper usage by those seeking employment.

Some attendees expressed surprise that newspapers are still a viable option for help wanted advertising. However, for most it confirmed what they already knew: if you need applicants now, newspapers deliver.

Marketing the services of Missouri Press at the convention proved profitable, as one state agency in attendance purchased a 2×4 ad in the display network the next week.

If you know of more opportunities that Missouri Press can use to reach media
buyers, contact Greg Baker at gbaker@socket.net

Know It All booklet


We’ve created a booklet to go along with the Know It. All. advertising campaign.

2009 Directory Cover


This is what the cover of the 2009 Missouri Newspaper Directory looks like. All photographs were taken by Chris Heffner while biking along the Katy Trail.

2009 Directory Order Postcard


This is the postcard we sent out advertising the 2009 Missouri Newspaper Directory.

Newspaper Association of America booklet (cover)

­Using charts, tables and easy-to-understand text, the 2007 edition of “Why Newspapers?” from NAA makes a strong case for the value of newspaper advertising. Research findings detail newspaper products’ strong reach among different demographic groups and consumers shopping for various goods and services.

Information from the booklet can be incorporated into a newspapers’ own sales and market research presentations. Updated annually, the booklet also is a perfect “leave behind” item or introductory piece individual sales reps can use to familiarize media buyers with the power of newspaper advertising.

Cost of the booklet, sold in packets of 10, is $14.95 per packet for NAA Federation members, $16.95 for NAA members and $33.95 for nonmembers.

To order call 800-651-4NAA, or go to naa.org/products/form.html. 

Summer Play Flyer

This flyer was designed to advertise a play commemorating Missouri’s first newspaper.

News Releases, Good Idea? (Flyer/Postcard) – Missouri Press Service


Contact Missouri Press Service today to take care of your Political Newspaper Advertising. Call Greg Baker at 573-449-4167. Visit us at www.mopress.com.

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